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Week 5 of America's Fittest Couple

Posted on 17 October, 2016 at 21:40 Comments comments (4585)
Back to week 1 work out huge improvements for us, I went from 155 pound squats to 200 pound Squats, my medcon went from 41 minutes to 19 minutes so much more endurance and strength, I believe some of the Performance Elite products from Advocare are so beneficial to me. Order now if you want more info, just respond to my blog or email us at [email protected]

America's Fittest Couple week 4

Posted on 15 October, 2016 at 17:51 Comments comments (1257)
We made it through week 4 I had to double up a couple workouts, thank goodness I had Advocare products in me, I had sinus infection at the beginning of the week which kept me from working out those days.  

Week 3 of America's Fittest Couple challenge

Posted on 8 October, 2016 at 18:26 Comments comments (689)
Week 3 is more intense, we both are feeling improvements being made. Advocare products have been a huge help. Message us for a 90 day plan.

Day 15 & 16 America's Fittest Couple and Day 1&2 24 day challenge

Posted on 4 October, 2016 at 18:12 Comments comments (1209)
Feeling really positive on workouts I have been able to increase squat weight by 30 pounds in 2 weeks, my  MedCon on Monday was timed 60 jumping jacks, 50 burpees, 15 mountain climbers, 10 walking lunges in 7min 48sec. Tuesday was massive shoulder workout I am gassed the MedCon added to the already weight and superset.  Advocare 24 day challenge 2nd day of cleanse phase going great, I was feeling bloated not anymore so happy about that.

Visitor info

Posted on 29 September, 2016 at 19:49 Comments comments (991)
Just respond here with your contact information and we will contact you in 24 hours to introduce ourselves and discuss solutions for you.

Day 11 America's Fittest Challenge

Posted on 29 September, 2016 at 17:34 Comments comments (1300)
Had a great leg workout I am finding that I can do more than I thought. After the MetCon I feel I got a second wind, I feel I can do so much more!

Day 10 America's Fittest Couple challenge

Posted on 29 September, 2016 at 6:31 Comments comments (1690)
Day 10 was a core workout it was really good short but intense. We are 1/6th done I feel some changes happening, I am excited to see where we are on day 60.

Day 9 America's Fittest Couple Challenge

Posted on 28 September, 2016 at 6:35 Comments comments (1460)
We had Shoulder's, Delt's, and Scapula's today I really feel the work we put in on them, we and a MedCon that I had to do 250 jumping jacks, 50 pirate push ups, and 75 air squats. We are doing great on our nutrition. 

Day 7 & 8 of challenge

Posted on 27 September, 2016 at 6:34 Comments comments (1099)
Day 7 was just all around day off.  Day 8 we did deadlift, weighted step backward lunges and a hamstring roll in which that one was tough. We followed with a MetCon Tabata, which is body weight rows, sit ups, and push ups, Bethyl and I were both were breathing heavy and heart rate was up.  If I didn't mention it I lost 3 pounds last week and .6% body fat, Bethyl lost 3 pounds stayed the same on body fat. Webinar is on Day 9 or tonight.

Americas Fittest Couple challenge Day 5 & 6

Posted on 24 September, 2016 at 9:39 Comments comments (1514)
I liked the upper body pull ups and shoulder curl superset. The Medcon looked tough it said do it in 12 minutes I did it in 8 minutes 4 seconds so I crushed it.  Day 6 is just a active rest day. I have several friends coming over however I am making dishes from the nutrition plan so I don't get sabotaged, I am excited about trying the crockpot salsa chicken since I am using the homemade salsa I have from used all fresh ingredients. Tomorrow is a day off I will stick to the plan. Oh yeah I lost 3 pounds and .6% of fat this week that is exciting. Bethyl struggled she started this with an injured foot, she however did great with modifications, plus someone got her to do the pushup challenge, she did great with the nutrition she was in charge of the breakfast.