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Americas Fittest Couple challenge Day 5 & 6

Posted on 24 September, 2016 at 9:39
I liked the upper body pull ups and shoulder curl superset. The Medcon looked tough it said do it in 12 minutes I did it in 8 minutes 4 seconds so I crushed it.  Day 6 is just a active rest day. I have several friends coming over however I am making dishes from the nutrition plan so I don't get sabotaged, I am excited about trying the crockpot salsa chicken since I am using the homemade salsa I have from used all fresh ingredients. Tomorrow is a day off I will stick to the plan. Oh yeah I lost 3 pounds and .6% of fat this week that is exciting. Bethyl struggled she started this with an injured foot, she however did great with modifications, plus someone got her to do the pushup challenge, she did great with the nutrition she was in charge of the breakfast.

Categories: Fittest Couple Challenge